Presentation instruction

Oral Presentation Instructions

•  Presentation time
   Plenary talks: 40 min (presentation 30 min + discussion 10 min)
   Invited talks: 25 min (presentation 20 min + discussion 5 min)
   Contributed talks: 15 min (presentation 12 min + discussion 3 min)

•  The session room will be equipped with a computer projection system and a laser pointer.
•  Computers will be PCs with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
•  All presenters must check the video compatibility of the presentation materials prior to the beginning of the session.
•  If your presentation contains audio, video or unusual files, you must inform to the IVNC 2012 staff in the session room
   in advance for your presentation.

Poster Presentation Instructions

•  Location: Terrace Ballroom
•  Poster panel size: 1 m in width and 1.8 m in height.
•  The poster number will be shown on the panel.
•  Push-pins will be provided for your use.
•  All presenters are required to preside at their poster panel during the session for anticipated discussion with