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1 Hanrim

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The "Subtropical Garden" greenhouse showcases some rare subtropical plants and the wild plants of Jeju Island. The underground world of Hyeopjae and sangyong lava caves, designated as Natural Monument No. 236, will amaze you! At the "Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden", you can see a large collection of bonsai trees and unique natural stones from all over the world.
2 Osulloc

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Men have enjoyed tea over 5,000 years. During his exile, Chusa Kim Jeong Hee developed tea culture on the island by growing tea trees and enjoying tea with other scholars who loved tea and left a great deal of masterpieces. Jeju island has perfect climate for farming best quality tea. Osulloc was built at the enterance of Seogwang Tea Farm owned by Sulloc Tea Company. It has served as a place of culture balanced with tradition and modernity and nature-friendly relaxation. It will also help you to understand traditional Korean tea culture while enjoying a varity of green tea.
3 Miniature
Theme Park

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The Miniature Theme Park is the largest of its kind in Korea. You can see some of the famous architecture of Korea and the world, all in one trip. This park is situated in scenic valley where you can see Mt. Halla, the symbol of motherly warmth to the Jeju people, and mystical secondary volcanic cones (oreums).
4 World Automobile Jeju

5 Mt.Sanbang

Once upon a time, a hunter went deer hunting at Mount Halla. He happened to climb to the top because he could not find any deer. Finally, he found one deer. He hastily lifted his bow but by mistake, he touched the bottom of the King of Heaven with the edge of his bow. The furious King of Heaven picked up the peak of Mount Halla and threw it to the west. It landed and became known as Mountain Sanbang. The hollowed place at the top of Mount Halla became Baeknok Lake. Technically, the size and shape of Mount Sanbang is similar to Baeknok Lake.

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