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1 Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

According to a legend, Cheonjeyon Falls means "the pond of God" where nymphs descend to take a bath. The first cascade of Cheonjeyon Falls is 22 m high and the water forms a pond 21 m in depth. The water flows farther along to form the second cascade of 30 m high. Up from Cheonjeyon Falls is the stunning arch bridge Seonimkyo, which is also called Seven Nymphs Bridge.
2 Yeomiji botanical Garden

The largest botanical garden in Asia, the magnificent glass Yeomiji Conservatory has collected and displayed 1,200 species of subtropical and tropical plants. There are five permanent gardens as well as the temporary horticultural displays and flower shows.
3 Pacific Land

Situated in the most favored area of the Jungmun Tourism Resort Complex in Jeju, it holds amazing shows that feature dolphins andsea lions. You can see well-trained dolphins perform spectacular tricks and the surprisingly smart sea lions show off their skills.
4 Jusang Jeollidae

The columnar joints are situated at seashore east Jungmun Tourism Complex. Black hexagonal stone pillars are piled on top of each other; they unfold like a folding screen as if a god elaborately piled up blocks of stone. The sound of the waves crashing into the rocks is remarkably refreshing. At the Daepo Columnar Joints, visitors can feel the mightiness and exquisiteness of the nature. It was designated as Cultural Property No. 50 by the Jeju Government.
5 Jeongbang Waterfall

Jeongbang Falls, located in Donghong-dong, Seogwipo City, is one of the top three waterfalls in Jeju along with Cheonjiyeon Falls and Cheonjeyeon Falls. This water is the only one falling directly to the sea in Korea. The 23 m-high waterfall has two streams of water. It produces the brisk sounds of water falling along the black wall, creating a splendid scene along with the ocean
6 Seogwipo under tour

The submarine goes under water up to 35 m deep in the Seogwipo City Marine Park, which includes Munseom Island

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